Mindful Learning

This section of the ATESL Curriculum Framework is concerned with various ways in which learners can enhance their own learning process, and by implication, ways in which curriculum developers and instructors can guide learners in this process. In this section, we highlight the importance of mindful learning, offer examples of teaching strategies to support its development, and provide some food for thought.

By adopting the term mindful, the intention is to build on Ellen Langer’s (1989, 1997, 2000) work in mindful vs. mindless learning, and then integrate research in the areas of active learning, learner strategies, and learning styles and intelligences, all within the context of adult second language education. The eight aspects of mindful learning identified and discussed in this section are represented in Figure 1. As you read this section in light of second language and adult learning research,1 you will recognize familiar concepts and practices, addressed from a “mindful” perspective.